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It will be humiliating for Russia to take part in the Winter Olympics without the national flag and anthem.
POSTED |  17-11-2017
Zimbabweans are weighing a future without President Robert Mugabe, now under house arrest.
POSTED |  16-11-2017
Singaporeans poured scorn on the process to select their new president without an election.
POSTED |  12-09-2017
North Korea rejects the latest UN sanctions and will continue its nuclear weapons development.
POSTED |  04-06-2017
Japan and other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have agreed to pursue their trade...
POSTED |  21-05-2017
French “Spiderman” Alain Robert scaled one of the tallest skyscrapers in Barcelona without a harness.
POSTED |  26-11-2016
A key summit between Asian and European leaders ended without direct mention of the South China Sea dispute.
POSTED |  16-07-2016
There are 51 states around the world without free elections, civil liberties and...
POSTED |  25-05-2016
Two British journalists are set to hear their court verdict on 3 Nov 2015 for allegedly filming a documentary on piracy in the Malacca Strait without proper documents.
POSTED |  02-11-2015
An Osaka prefectural police officer has been arrested after he ran away without paying a taxi fare.
POSTED |  28-10-2015
Apple Inc could be facing up to $862 million in damages after a US jury found the iPhone maker...
POSTED |  14-10-2015
Three Al Jazeera TV journalists were sentenced to three years in prison for operating without a press license and broadcasting material harmful to Egypt.
POSTED |  29-08-2015
Without letting the government off the hook, we need to recognize the pressures that influence Myanmar’s policies in Rakhine State, writes Thomas Kean in Yangon.
POSTED |  11-06-2015
The Passport Index ranks travel documents based on how many countries their holders can visit without having to obtain a visa in advance.
POSTED |  20-04-2015
A Swiss-made solar-powered aircraft took off from Abu Dhabi just after daybreak on 9 March 2015 in a historic first attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fossil fuel.
POSTED |  09-03-2015
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