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Cohesion, unity, and centrality will be affected if some of its members are excluded or left behind, writes Vannarith Chheang
POSTED |  09-03-2017
Once the tallest building in Bangkok, the 47-year-old Dusit Thani Hotel will be demolished.
POSTED |  07-03-2017
Tan Son Nhat International Airport will be expanded to increase its capacity to 40-50 million passengers a year.
POSTED |  04-01-2017
Mother Teresa, an icon of 20th Century Christianity, will be declared a saint on Sunday.
POSTED |  02-09-2016
Logging units will soon be set up in all provinces of Laos to ensure that all timber cutting is under the government’s management.
POSTED |  16-06-2016
There will be no electricity, no gas, no utensils made ...
POSTED |  23-04-2016
Eight tigers will be released into the Cambodian wild to revive the tiger population.
POSTED |  07-04-2016
A US soldier wounded in an explosion will be the first person in the United States to receive...
POSTED |  18-02-2016
Yahoo Movie Staff count down the films that have us feeling like ’16 will be extra-sweet.
POSTED |  10-01-2016
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said there will be “no same sex marriage in Fiji” after watching a TV program titled ‘Have Your Say.’
POSTED |  07-01-2016
Aung San Suu Kyi said Myanmar’s peace process will be the first priority of her new government...
POSTED |  04-01-2016
Smartphones could be obsolete in five years’ time, and in its place will be artificial intelligence.
POSTED |  10-12-2015
The first Lancang-Mekong River cooperation foreign ministers’ meeting will be held on 12 Nov 2015 in Yunnan Province of China.
POSTED |  10-11-2015
Julia will be featured online alongside other characters to destigmatize autism ...
POSTED |  23-10-2015-- By Lindsay Powers --
Dutch researchers developing laboratory-grown hamburgers say they are confident their product will be on the market in five years.
POSTED |  20-10-2015
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
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