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A daughter has been forced by her parents to disguise herself as a boy for more than a decade.
POSTED |  23-04-2018
Britain will face the gravest constitutional crisis since World War Two if it allows Brexit to be watered down.
POSTED |  12-02-2018
An unusual noise heard near the last known position of a missing Argentine submarine appeared to be an explosion.
POSTED |  24-11-2017
One of the contenders to be Singapore’s next leader said he had an obligation to be ready to take on the job.
POSTED |  30-10-2017
The Indian government ordered diesel generators and a power plant in Delhi to be shut down.
POSTED |  17-10-2017
Saudi women raring to drive have signed up to be the kingdom’s first female cab drivers.
POSTED |  12-10-2017
Angela Merkel appeared to be powering ahead on Monday to a fourth term as chancellor of Germany.
POSTED |  04-09-2017
President Donald Trump tapped respected lawyer Christopher Wray to be his new FBI director.
POSTED |  07-06-2017
al-Qaeda appears to be signaling the start of a violent new chapter in the group’s history, led by a new bin Laden.
POSTED |  28-05-2017
Bruce Springsteen said at a concert in Australia he’s embarrassed to be an American.
POSTED |  04-02-2017
The oil price rally sparked by an OPEC-Russia deal to cut output is likely to be short-lived.
POSTED |  01-12-2016
Russia’s communications regulator has ordered public access to LinkedIn’s website to be blocked.
POSTED |  17-11-2016
The house in Austria where Adolf Hitler was born is to be torn down to stop it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine.
POSTED |  17-10-2016
The UN Security Council unanimously backed Antonio Guterres to be the next secretary-general.
POSTED |  06-10-2016
The imprisoned politician who is almost certain to be the next mayor of Karachi will run the teeming metropolis via “video link” from his prison cell.
POSTED |  24-08-2016
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
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