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The carbon dioxide emissions that drive global warming are set to rise two percent this year.
POSTED |  13-11-2017
The Lao PDR’s economic growth is picking up this year and is expected to continue growing in 2018.
POSTED |  10-04-2017
The World Trade Organization cut its forecast for global trade growth this year by more than a third.
POSTED |  27-09-2016
Korea had the highest average Internet connection speed in the world in the first quarter of this year.
POSTED |  03-07-2016
The South Korean government will push the operation of its “cultural convergence belt” into high gear this year.
POSTED |  18-01-2016
The national environmental watchdog has declared that boosting efforts to cut air pollution in northern China is a mission for this year.
POSTED |  12-01-2016
Aung San Suu Kyi said Myanmar’s peace process will be the first priority of her new government...
POSTED |  04-01-2016
New Year’s resolutions often focus on improving physical health, but what if you focused on mental health this year?
POSTED |  31-12-2015-- By Lindsay Holmes --
The International Organization for Migration said that more than 1 million migrants and refugees have crossed into Europe this year.
POSTED |  22-12-2015
The “flying toys” are among the top-selling products for Christmas presents in Denmark this year.
POSTED |  17-12-2015
Boston has levied $13,000 in fines against city stores this year for overcharging customers.
POSTED |  28-11-2015
Jakarta, the Indonesian capital notorious for gridlocks and bad air pollution, ranks 9th among the world’s least friendly cities this year.
POSTED |  02-09-2015
A man has died after being struck by a bull, bringing to ten the number of people killed in bull runs in Spain this year.
POSTED |  24-08-2015
Some 22,600 Chinese officials have been disciplined for breaking austerity rules so far this year.
POSTED |  22-08-2015
Some 2,200 fathers have chosen to take paternity leave in South Korea this year.
POSTED |  18-08-2015
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
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