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With revenue estimated at more than $2 billion a year, cheerleading has evolved into a big business in the US.
POSTED |  24-04-2017
A dog rescued from the dinner table but left with half a face in Thailand has found a new home in the US.
POSTED |  18-03-2017
US President Donald Trump, fresh off patching up ties with China, reassured Japan’s leader that the US will defend its close ally.
POSTED |  11-02-2017
China said the US is putting regional stability in East Asia at risk by its...
POSTED |  04-02-2017
The United States will retaliate against Russian hacking designed to influence the US presidential election.
POSTED |  16-12-2016
Poland’s Supreme Court rejected a bid to extradite film director Roman Polanski to the US, where he faces sentencing over a decades-old case of statutory rape.
POSTED |  06-12-2016
But some officials say the vote could mark the end of an era in which the US was seen by its allies as a guarantor of peace, writes NOAH BARKIN of Reuters.
POSTED |  09-11-2016
The US has been identified as one of four where the world’s high-skilled immigrants are increasingly living.
POSTED |  30-10-2016
Many major media outlets outside the US said Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate against Donald Trump.
POSTED |  27-09-2016
Life-sized naked statues of the businessman-turned-presidential-candidate appeared on Thursday across the US.
POSTED |  19-08-2016
The EU launched a controversial deal with the US aimed at curbing government spying on the personal internet information of European citizens.
POSTED |  12-07-2016
Ahead of Tuesday's ruling, the US and China have rallied...
POSTED |  11-07-2016-- By Matthew Pennington, AP --
Pew’s annual survey of the US news media shows that trends of mobile consumption and platform domination are ongoing, writes Joseph Lichterman
POSTED |  04-07-2016
Rights groups are urging the US to release secret files on Indonesia’s anti-communist massacres of 1965-66.
POSTED |  14-04-2016
British ships have arrived in Japan to transport a shipment of plutonium — enough to make dozens of atomic bombs — to the US for storage.
POSTED |  21-03-2016
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
A record number of Chinese tourists visited Boston last year, dethroning the United Kingdom as the No.1 source of overseas tourists.