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South Korea is negotiating with the United States to buy nuclear-powered submarines.
POSTED |  07-11-2017
President Donald Trump projected confidence that the United States will confront threats in Asia.
POSTED |  05-11-2017
The United States has open channels of communication with North Korea and is ready to enter talks.
POSTED |  30-09-2017
President Donald Trump is “fairly close” to finalizing a deal with Democrats allowing young immigrants to remain in the US.
POSTED |  14-09-2017
South Korea is talking to the United States about deploying aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the Korean peninsula.
POSTED |  04-09-2017
Municipal leaders across the United States will step up efforts to pull Confederate monuments from public spaces.
POSTED |  15-08-2017
The United States and China piled pressure on North Korea to abandon its nuclear missile program.
POSTED |  06-08-2017
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has accused the United States of trying to undermine Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers.
POSTED |  05-08-2017
Russia is ready to retaliate against the United States for its “illegal seizure” of Russian diplomatic property.
POSTED |  18-07-2017
China surpassed the United States as the top producer of renewable energy in 2016.
POSTED |  11-07-2017
China slammed the United States for its decision to slap unprecedented...
POSTED |  30-06-2017
Russia, Iran and the United States are drawing new red lines in Syria after the US air force downed a Syrian jet.
POSTED |  19-06-2017
Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, who spied for the United States, has died aged 83.
POSTED |  30-05-2017
President Donald Trump will decide next week whether the United States would...
POSTED |  27-05-2017
North Korea is on a clear path to obtaining a nuclear-armed missile capable of striking the United States.
POSTED |  23-05-2017
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