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Thousands of Bangladesh Islamists urge the government to go to war against Myanmar over the “genocide”...
POSTED |  15-09-2017
The issue is that although the government is helping creating wealth for companies, there’s no mandate that..
POSTED |  24-01-2017-- By Ben Popken --
A Chinese official warned the government could slap a penalty on an unnamed US automaker for monopolistic...
POSTED |  14-12-2016
Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi said the government was trying to get to the root of the situation in Rakhine State.
POSTED |  04-11-2016
Pakistan’s government vowed to block protests in Islamabad if opposition leader Imran Khan pushes ahead with plans to shut down the government.
POSTED |  24-10-2016
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s internet was shut down by the government of Ecuador.
POSTED |  18-10-2016
Former president Fidel Ramos said the government of Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte has been a huge disappointment...
POSTED |  10-10-2016
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has revoked the unilateral ceasefire after communist rebels failed to communicate with the government.
POSTED |  30-07-2016
A prominent Cambodian political analyst known for his trenchant criticism of the government was shot...
POSTED |  10-07-2016
Aung San Suu Kyi has told the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights that the government will avoid using the term ‘Rohingya’ to describe a persecuted Muslim minority in the country.
POSTED |  20-06-2016
Malaysia has begun enforcing a law that allows authorities to bar citizens...
POSTED |  18-05-2016
The government of Zhoupu town in Shanghai City is giving away 20,000 anti-theft chips to electric bike owners in the area.
POSTED |  24-11-2015
Banks in Laos are reluctant to give loans to farmers even though the government is encouraging them to do so.
POSTED |  13-11-2015
Malaysian authorities have suspended publication of a business daily whose aggressive reporting on a financial scandal has rocked the government.
POSTED |  24-07-2015
A South Korean lawmaker has filed a lawsuit against the government for its "poor" ...
POSTED |  21-06-2015
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