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Chileans voted in a runoff presidential election on Sunday that will determine their future.
POSTED |  17-12-2017
Scallops have 200 eyes that function remarkably like a telescope.
POSTED |  01-12-2017
An elephant that has starred in feature films and commercials crushed its owner to death in Thailand.
POSTED |  28-11-2017
An anti-corruption probe that has purged Saudi Arabian royals, ministers and businessmen appears to ...
POSTED |  06-11-2017
Several thousand demonstrators converged on Bonn demanding that governments step up action to halt global warming.
POSTED |  04-11-2017
Iran will continue to produce missiles for its defense and does not consider that a violation...
POSTED |  29-10-2017
Scientists have witnessed the crash of two ultra-dense neutron stars that generated at least half the gold...
POSTED |  16-10-2017
Thailand will hold elections in November 2018, a date that will fall more than four years...
POSTED |  10-10-2017
US geneticists were awarded the Nobel Medicine Prize for shedding light on the biological clock...
POSTED |  02-10-2017
Pressure mounted on Myanmar to end violence that has sent about 370,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh.
POSTED |  12-09-2017
The EU won a legal battle against eastern European countries that have refused to admit thousands of asylum seekers.
POSTED |  06-09-2017
Hopes of finding life on Mars were dealt a blow by a study revealing that salt minerals present on the Red Planet kill bacteria.
POSTED |  07-07-2017
The South Korean President has ordered a probe after the Defence Ministry failed to inform him that four more...
POSTED |  30-05-2017
US President Donald Trump declared that US relations with Russia “may be at an all-time low.”
POSTED |  13-04-2017
Russia denied that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was to blame for a poison gas...
POSTED |  05-04-2017
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