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While ISIS has yet to declare a state of the caliphate in Southeast Asia, many analysts believe it is merely a matter of time, writes James Griffiths of the CNN.
POSTED |  29-05-2017
World Bank investments in commercial financial institutions are indirectly ...
POSTED |  17-03-2017
Myanmar's crackdown on Rohingya Muslims risks radicalizing a downtrodden people and stoking religious tensions...
POSTED |  03-12-2016
Right now only a smattering of companies are targeting Southeast Asia’s dating pool, which will reach...
POSTED |  18-09-2016
South Korea has warned its citizens in China and Southeast Asia of the risk of “dangerous acts” by North Korea.
POSTED |  26-07-2016
Malaysia and Singapore signed an agreement to pursue an ambitious high-speed rail link touted as a first for Southeast Asia.
POSTED |  19-07-2016
Organizers of an ASEAN film festival are calling on filmmakers from Southeast Asia to submit entries for a one-day showcase.
POSTED |  04-07-2016
China has been releasing water from its dams to help relieve the drought in...
POSTED |  17-04-2016
China will release water from a dam in Yunnan to help alleviate a drought in parts of Southeast Asia.
POSTED |  15-03-2016
US President Barack Obama has signed a bill that includes a provision banning...
POSTED |  25-02-2016
A Thai-Chinese rail deal has the potential to be not only a boost for bilateral ties, but also...
POSTED |  07-01-2016-- By Prashanth Parameswaran --
The forest fires blanketing Southeast Asia in choking haze are on track to become...
POSTED |  02-10-2015
ASEAN can address its productivity challenges and find new catalysts for growth by pursuing the opportunities associated with three global megatrends.
POSTED |  13-11-2014-- By by Jonathan Woetzel, Oliver Tonby, Fraser Thompson, Penny Burtt, and Gillian Lee --
Southeast Asian children at risk of getting infectious Japanese encephalitis are expected to be immunized by 2015 with the first Chinese vaccine to obtain WHO prequalification.
POSTED |  07-05-2014
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