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North Korea will immediately suspend nuclear and missile tests and scrap its nuclear test site.
POSTED |  21-04-2018
North Korea is committed to denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, writes AFP.
POSTED |  28-03-2018
The most senior South Koreans to travel to North Korea for more than a decade met leader Kim Jong Un.
POSTED |  05-03-2018
South Korea will dispatch a delegation led by senior security officials for a two-day visit to North Korea.
POSTED |  04-03-2018
North Korea violated United Nations sanctions to earn nearly $200 million in 2017 from banned commodity exports.
POSTED |  03-02-2018
North Korea will send a delegation to South Korea to prepare for a trip by an art troupe during ...
POSTED |  20-01-2018
China has ramped up security along its border with North Korea, deploying extra security forces and operating radiation detectors.
POSTED |  19-01-2018
Nuclear-armed North Korea on Friday accepted the South’s offer of talks next week.
POSTED |  05-01-2018
North Korea blamed US “nuclear blackmail” for soaring tensions over its weapons programme.
POSTED |  09-12-2017
North Korea ruled out talks and threatened to increase its nuclear arsenal in a fresh warning to Donald Trump.
POSTED |  04-11-2017
US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis warned North Korea of a “massive military response” to any use of nuclear weapons.
POSTED |  28-10-2017
Punters in North Korea are now able to bet on local horse races as the country scrambles to find new sources of hard currency.
POSTED |  16-10-2017
Japan supports the US stance on pressuring North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.
POSTED |  08-10-2017
The United States has open channels of communication with North Korea and is ready to enter talks.
POSTED |  30-09-2017
A shallow 3.5-magnitude earthquake hit North Korea near the country’s nuclear test site.
POSTED |  23-09-2017
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