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Hundreds of migrants from Myanmar gave Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi a thunderous welcome...
POSTED |  23-06-2016
Myanmar football fans flocked to see newly crowned English Premier League champions Leicester City as they made a whirlwind visit to Yangon.
POSTED |  22-05-2016
Myanmar President Htin Kyaw pardoned 83 political prisoners on the country’s traditional New Year.
POSTED |  17-04-2016
A strong earthquake that struck Myanmar damaged at least nine Buddhist pagodas.
POSTED |  14-04-2016
A prominent Myanmar political prisoner was released after he finished his six-month jail sentence.
POSTED |  01-04-2016
Myanmar swore in its first president with no military ties in more than half a century.
POSTED |  30-03-2016
Myanmar has granted operating licences to four more Asian banks, bringing...
POSTED |  05-03-2016
Myanmar’s democratization will ultimately require the military to relinquish its role in politics and “return to the barracks.” US policy makers can help foster democratization through a combination of gradual sanctions relief and other economic incentives, writes Joseph E. Lin
POSTED |  05-02-2016
Thailand’s prime minister lashed out at protesters who took to the streets of Yangon...
POSTED |  28-12-2015
A new landslide buried workers in a remote jade mining region in northern Myanmar on Saturday.
POSTED |  26-12-2015
Two Myanmar migrants were sentenced to death for murdering a pair of British holidaymakers on a Thai island.
POSTED |  24-12-2015
Legislation being rushed through parliament would grant life-long immunity from prosecution to the president...
POSTED |  23-12-2015
Myanmar has inaugurated a new stock exchange with plans for six companies to start trading in March next year.
POSTED |  09-12-2015
The United States is preparing to amend sanctions on Myanmar after banks complained they can’t finance trade that...
POSTED |  05-12-2015
Rescuers were searching for victims of a huge mine landslide in northern Myanmar on Monday...
POSTED |  23-11-2015
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