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Lauren Hamer identifies the 15 countries that tax their citizens most.
POSTED |  01-05-2017
China’s country code domain “.cn” is now the world’s most commonly used.
POSTED |  09-01-2016
The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has made the world’s most far-reaching climate promise to the Paris climate summit.
POSTED |  04-12-2015
Thailand is in a rut.The economy is moribund and Thai households are among...
POSTED |  30-11-2015-- By Thomas Fuller, The New York Times --
The number of adolescents dying from AIDS has tripled over the last 15 years, most of them ...
POSTED |  27-11-2015
A deaf-mute Indian girl stranded in Pakistan for 13 years after wandering over one of the world’s most militarized borders has arrived home.
POSTED |  26-10-2015
Women in Shanghai are luckier than most in China when it comes to sharing the functions of daily family life.
POSTED |  12-10-2015
You can use music to activate all parts of your brain when you need them most.
POSTED |  17-09-2015-- By Elise Moreau --
Martin Stuchtey explains how moving a circular economy can preserve our most vital resource.
POSTED |  17-08-2015
Facebook and social network apps have mobilized young people in Nepal, and around ...
POSTED |  01-05-2015-- By Amelia Pang, The Epoch Times --
Most Chinese women who unwittingly marry gay men suffer a wide range of abuse from their husbands.
POSTED |  18-04-2015
Despite growing interest in the arts, most local artists and gallery owners ...
POSTED |  25-03-2015-- By Izzan Kassim --
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
A record number of Chinese tourists visited Boston last year, dethroning the United Kingdom as the No.1 source of overseas tourists.