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Thailand is cracking down on migrant workers from neighboring countries, saying they are “stealing jobs from Thais.”
POSTED |  29-09-2016
A UK activist who campaigned for the rights of migrant workers in Thailand’s fruit industry has been found guilty of defamation.
POSTED |  20-09-2016
Thailand’s prime minister lashed out at protesters who took to the streets of Yangon...
POSTED |  28-12-2015
Migrant workers are leaving Russia on a massive scale because of the weakening Russian ruble.
POSTED |  20-12-2014
The Thai military regime on Tuesday issued its 68th order, telling employers to speed up registration of their migrant workers.
POSTED |  17-06-2014
They are the country’s largely unsung modern day heroes. Without them, the Philippine economy would have collapsed when recession hit the United States and other western economies six or seven years ago.
POSTED |  22-03-2014-- By Edwin Espajo --
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