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Some cancers fail to show any symptoms until they have grown or spread, or the symptoms that are shown may...
POSTED |  30-09-2016-- By Lauren Weiler --
A Virginia school board may temporarily block a student who was born a girl from using the boys’ bathroom.
POSTED |  04-08-2016
In this topsy-turvy US presidential campaign, the old laws may no longer apply, writes Christina Pazzanese of The Harvard Gazette.
POSTED |  20-07-2016
Taking steps to recover from depression and boost vitamin D levels may improve heart health.
POSTED |  03-04-2016
Chinese authorities think that bathroom etiquette may need to be adjusted, with punishments meted out for bad behavior.
POSTED |  18-02-2016
Beijing stands to gain from Iranian oil, and its influence in the country may help keep the peace, writes Owen Matthews
POSTED |  02-02-2016
Yangon's Singaporean-styled cafe may just be the neighborhood’s best daytime workspace.
POSTED |  11-01-2016-- By Eli Meixler --
Visa cardholders in the US, Switzerland and Brazil may make payments with the new “pay-by-the-wrist” Swatch Bellamy watch.
POSTED |  30-11-2015
Israeli scientists may have found the key to violent, confrontational and all-round aggressive male behavior.
POSTED |  16-11-2015-- By David Shamah --
Burma’s opposition may score gains in the upcoming elections — but the military will still be in charge, writes Richard Cockett
POSTED |  04-11-2015
A Japanese city hosting the Group of Seven summit next year may change its mascot after the depiction of the female character was blasted as obscene and sexist.
POSTED |  12-08-2015
Malaysia on Sunday urged authorities in the Indian Ocean to be on alert for ...
POSTED |  02-08-2015
Bangkok’s tap water supply may run out in a month as a result of drought.
POSTED |  07-07-2015
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