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The outcome of next month’s election in Malaysia may hinge on the performance of a party that has strived to turn the country into an Islamic state.
POSTED |  22-04-2018
Indonesia is looking into revisiting a moratorium on sending its domestic workers to Malaysia.
POSTED |  17-02-2018
Malaysia is set to nurture a “digital workforce" to tackle the challenges of disruptive technology.
POSTED |  26-03-2017
Malaysia will begin formal talks with North Korea in the coming days on the return of the nine Malaysians stranded in Pyongyang.
POSTED |  11-03-2017
Malaysia expelled North Korea’s ambassador Saturday, giving him 48 hours to leave...
POSTED |  04-03-2017
Malaysia issued an arrest warrant for a North Korean airline employee after frustrated police had...
POSTED |  03-03-2017
Malaysia on Sunday declared its international airport a “safe zone” after completing a sweep of the terminal.
POSTED |  26-02-2017
North Korea and Malaysia have locked horns over the investigation into the...
POSTED |  20-02-2017
Four North Korean suspects in the murder of the estranged half-brother of North Korean...
POSTED |  19-02-2017
A small group of protesters greeted a ship from Malaysia when it docked in Myanmar, carrying aid bound for...
POSTED |  09-02-2017
Malaysia will discontinue its Formula One Grand Prix race after 2018 due to falling revenues.
POSTED |  21-11-2016
More than $3.5 billion traveled a trail of fraud from Malaysia through a web of...
POSTED |  21-07-2016
Malaysia and Singapore signed an agreement to pursue an ambitious high-speed rail link touted as a first for Southeast Asia.
POSTED |  19-07-2016
Malaysia has begun enforcing a law that allows authorities to bar citizens...
POSTED |  18-05-2016
'Vaping' is soaring in popularity in Malaysia, the largest e-cigarette market in the Asia-Pacific region.
POSTED |  30-12-2015
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