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President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has asked for the help of Islamic groups to tackle the spread of radical ideology in Indonesia.
POSTED |  05-02-2016
Indonesia is at risk of leaving its poor and vulnerable behind as income inequality continues its rapid rise.
POSTED |  08-12-2015
254 Chinese citizens arrested in Cambodia and Indonesia for running telephone scams targeting Chinese victims were repatriated.
POSTED |  10-11-2015
Indonesian President Joko Widodo is cutting short his visit to the United States and will ...
POSTED |  27-10-2015
Southern Thailand was hit by the most severe haze ever from forest fires in Indonesia...
POSTED |  22-10-2015
Indonesia on Thursday defended the chaotic bidding process for its first high-speed railway.
POSTED |  02-10-2015
Helicopters on 14 Sept 2015 water-bombed raging forest fires that have cloaked parts of Indonesia in thick haze.
POSTED |  14-09-2015
Indonesia and Australia are condemned to be neighbors by geographical dictates. But why be so negative about it?
POSTED |  10-08-2015-- By Endy Bayuni and Sabam Siagian --
Indonesia will rejoin the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries this year to forge a closer relationship with oil suppliers.
POSTED |  12-06-2015
Indonesia intends to immediately destroy 30 foreign fishing vessels caught fishing illegally in its waters.
POSTED |  18-05-2015
A trip to a resort in Sumba, Indonesia offers the opportunity to admire the natural beauty and meet the local people.
POSTED |  14-05-2015-- By Indah Setiawati, The Jakarta Post --
A public health professor has warned that Indonesia has become a main target for the tobacco industry.
POSTED |  07-05-2015
Indonesia on Wednesday staunchly defended its execution of seven foreigners as a vital front of its “war” on drugs ...
POSTED |  29-04-2015
Indonesia has officially notified eight foreign drug convicts that they will be executed ...
POSTED |  26-04-2015
Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo asked Japan on 24 March 2015 to make Indonesia a strategic production base.
POSTED |  24-03-2015
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