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Bangladesh will complete the process of returning Rohingya Muslims who had fled Myanmar within two years.
POSTED |  16-01-2018
A US military base in southern Romania is threatened by a flock of sheep.
POSTED |  16-01-2018
Two Reuters journalists were formally charged with breaching a secrecy law that carries up to 14 years in jail.
POSTED |  10-01-2018
French President Emmanuel Macron urged Europe to take part in China’s massive Silk Road infrastructure...
POSTED |  08-01-2018
Rohingya Muslim insurgents ambushed a vehicle in western Myanmar’s Rakhine State, wounding three people.
POSTED |  05-01-2018
Iran said US President Donald Trump should focus on “homeless and hungry people” in his own country rather than insulting Iranians.
POSTED |  02-01-2018
Airbus is pulling out the stops to try and take the lead in its annual order contest with Boeing.
POSTED |  29-12-2017
French prosecutors have opened a probe into salmonella contamination in baby milk produced by Lactalis.
POSTED |  26-12-2017
Russia’s central election commission voted to bar opposition leader Alexei Navalny from running in a presidential election.
POSTED |  25-12-2017
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny cleared the first hurdle toward taking part in next year’s presidential election.
POSTED |  24-12-2017
Senior Minister Damian Green was forced to resign after pornography had been found on computers in his office.
POSTED |  21-12-2017
Snowfall in central Alaska has more than doubled since the mid-1800s.
POSTED |  19-12-2017
Chileans voted in a runoff presidential election on Sunday that will determine their future.
POSTED |  17-12-2017
International war crimes judges have awarded $10 million in landmark reparations to former child soldiers.
POSTED |  15-12-2017
Airbus is engulfed in a fresh bout of speculation over the future of senior managers.
POSTED |  13-12-2017
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