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With mom, dad and grandma signing up in increasing numbers, Facebook is losing younger users in the US.
POSTED |  12-02-2018
Facebook has acknowledged that social media can have a negative impact on democracies.
POSTED |  22-01-2018
Facebook has opened its new London office and will add another 800 jobs in the capital next year.
POSTED |  04-12-2017
Chinese social media and video game giant Tencent became more valuable than...
POSTED |  21-11-2017
Russia warned Facebook it would be banned in 2018 unless it complies with a law on storing local users’ data.
POSTED |  26-09-2017
Google and Facebook may face higher tax bills in Europe as the EU rushes to change rules.
POSTED |  16-09-2017
Three young men were jailed for gang raping a woman and livestreaming the attack on Facebook.
POSTED |  25-04-2017
More than 5 million businesses are advertising on Facebook each month.
POSTED |  10-04-2017
A Danish butcher has had enough of an apparently anti-meat graffiti artist and let him know on Facebook.
POSTED |  19-09-2016
Israel has accused Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, of not doing enough to prevent incitement against Israel.
POSTED |  03-07-2016
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has held a rare meeting with China’s propaganda chief.
POSTED |  20-03-2016
Thailand’s military government will try to persuade media companies Facebook and Line to comply with court orders to remove content it considers harmful to peace and order.
POSTED |  31-01-2016
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s eldest son has filed a defamation complaint against a Facebook user who linked him and his mother to the illicit trade of luxury timber.
POSTED |  23-01-2016
Facebook has become the site of an all-out popularity war between Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and opposition leader Sam Rainsy.
POSTED |  09-01-2016
Thai activists have demanded the release of a man arrested for sharing an infographic on Facebook detailing alleged graft in an army-built park.
POSTED |  14-12-2015
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