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Belgian writer Jonathan Holslag says China considers Ukraine a stepping stone to the EU market due to the preferential trade schemes.
POSTED |  03-10-2014
China will pledge to invest billions of dollars in India's rail network during a visit by President Xi Jinping this week ...
POSTED |  14-09-2014
China on Friday (12 Sept 2014) warned its citizens not to travel to the Philippines after a Chinese teenager who worked in a family-run store was kidnapped.
POSTED |  12-09-2014
The Mekong River is useful only for fish and hydropower. Navigation is limited by waterfalls and shoals. Irrigation is only suitable in the lower region and the river is being rapidly fished out. The famous giant Mekong catfish has been almost extinct since 1970, long before the dam era.
POSTED |  06-08-2014-- By Frank Lombard --
China told the United States on Tuesday (15 July 2014) to stay out of disputes over the South China Sea and leave countries in the region to resolve problems themselves.
POSTED |  15-07-2014
China was among three countries in the world to receive recognition this year for reducing hunger by half.
POSTED |  18-06-2014
The scale of China's outbound tourism increased from 83 million trips in 2012 to 98 million in 2013.
POSTED |  13-06-2014
The Chinese government plans to take 6 million old, polluting vehicles off the road this year.
POSTED |  28-05-2014
China’s Broad Group is revolutionizing commercial building. Its latest ambition is to build the world’s tallest structure. Known as Sky City, the 202-storey steel skyscraper is expected to be magnitude-9 earthquake resistant and energy efficient. This high-rise is a step toward in redefining urbanization and addressing the energy and pollution problems.
POSTED |  28-05-2014
China is moving closer to making its own large passenger jetliner.
POSTED |  18-05-2014
China and Russia are set to strengthen their energy alliance next week with an agreement to build a natural gas pipeline between the two nations.
POSTED |  15-05-2014
There are far more common interests than disputes between China and the United States.
POSTED |  14-05-2014
China became home for the first time to the world's three biggest public companies and five of the top 10.
POSTED |  09-05-2014
China can now search the international seabed for three valuable minerals after a new exploration contract with the International Seabed Authority was signed in Beijing on Tuesday (29 May).
POSTED |  03-05-2014
China's manufacturing growth continued to rise in April, confirming better performance in the manufacturing sector.
POSTED |  01-05-2014
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
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