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Plucked out of poverty, 1,000 children in Ivory Coast are being given a...
POSTED |  24-11-2016
President-elect Donald Trump has gathered the most loyal advisers from his insurgent campaign and three of his children.
POSTED |  12-11-2016
Islamic State forces in Iraq have abducted tens of thousands of men, women and children and are using them...
POSTED |  29-10-2016
The Commerce Ministry has scrubbed its website of all corporate shareholder information since last month’s release of a report damned by Prime Minister Hun Sen’s children.
POSTED |  18-08-2016
China has decided to end its decades-long one-child policy, allowing all couples to have two children.
POSTED |  29-10-2015
Julia will be featured online alongside other characters to destigmatize autism ...
POSTED |  23-10-2015-- By Lindsay Powers --
A Danish zoo publicly dissected a year-old male lion, pulling out its organs to show a few hundred people including children.
POSTED |  16-10-2015
The number of cases of sexual violence affecting children has continued to rise in ...
POSTED |  01-07-2015
Over a 10-year period, more than 1.5 billion people were affected by disasters, with women, children and other vulnerable persons ...
POSTED |  17-06-2015-- By Ioan Voicu --
A photo sparked a debate in Vietnam about whether or not people should eat dog meat ...
POSTED |  13-04-2015
Southeast Asian children at risk of getting infectious Japanese encephalitis are expected to be immunized by 2015 with the first Chinese vaccine to obtain WHO prequalification.
POSTED |  07-05-2014
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
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