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Letters to the Editor

Use our money prudently

Thai economic czar Dr. Somkid plans to give out B36 bln. of Thai taxpayer money to tambons nationwide to implement any project related to building or repairs in the area, and those in line with the sufficiency economy.

But giving money for free, under the above conditions, will not yield maximum returns, for much of it will go to non-productive uses, e.g., renovating the governor's home. Also, the benefits will be only in the construction sector.

I suggest that the funds be lent, at low/no interest, for projects that must generate a sustainable profit, e.g., high-yielding rice seeds, to lift our farmers from having the lowest yields in ASEAN; farm produce storage facilities, so farmers can sell their crops off-season, when prices have risen; machinery for agricultural co-op members, or vocational training to help those farmers seeking to change occupations.

In this fashion, the B36 bln. will be seed money, empowering farmers and their families to sustain their growth -- not just a one-shot thing.


Burin Kantabutra
POSTED | 13:34 PM | 21-09-2015

Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading the article by Michael Stych entitled “It’s time to open the windows” (Opinion & Analysis, Tuesday, 11 Nov 2014). I live in a 3-storey shophouse in the Chinatown area of Bangkok. It’s impossible to open the windows without hearing the noises from the streets and smelling carbon monoxide. That’s what we have to pay for the rapid development of the Thai capital city.
I guess there is no solution as long as we continue to be addicted to cars and motorcycles.

Chalerm Wirattanakhunchai
Chalerm Wirattanakhunchai
POSTED | 6:55 AM | 12-11-2014

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Even Moore
POSTED | 12:03 PM | 04-09-2014


Dear Khun Songpol,

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POSTED | 16:25 PM | 09-08-2014

Contact with Mr. Cimi Suchontan

Good day. I am a visitor from British Columbia Canada and am trying to contact Mr. Cimi Suchontan. I know Cimi from his days at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.

My mobile number is 0984642646.

It would be appreciated if you could pass this along to Cimi.

Thank you.

Mr. Ka-sing NG

Ka-sing Ng
POSTED | 3:30 AM | 07-08-2014

Life is like that

Re: Your article on “10 Bollywood celebrities and their crazy obsessions.”

It’s only human nature to want a joyful and comfortable life.

Not only Bollywood celebrities, but also entertainers and celebrities worldwide are obsessed with the desire to be rich and famous – and gain something that ordinary people cannot afford to acquire. It’s the stuff that makes front-page headlines in entertainment and gossip magazines.
That’s all right, as long as they keep their fans happy.

Kung Fu Boy
POSTED | 16:57 PM | 21-07-2014

The Mirror Never Lies

After observing the antics of Suthep and General Dictator one can only think of the words of Cicero, "It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and forget this own".
Red Phayu
POSTED | 18:21 PM | 29-06-2014

You can’t trust the coup-makers

As a member of the “October generation” (students who fought against the Thanom-Prapass dictatorial regime in 1973-1974), I know the thinking and mentality of the Thai military.

When they say they will return peace and happiness to Thailand, it means you have to shut up and follow the orders of the generalissimo.

Ex-Student Leader
POSTED | 7:13 AM | 24-06-2014

English proficiency a must for Thailand

Imtiaz Muqbil’s article entitled “11 Ways to Reform Thai Tourism” is a must-read for everyone involved in the Thai tourism industry.

One more thing that should be done is the promotion of English as a second language in Thailand. Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have made good progress in this area.

The Thai Education Ministry should recruit more native English speakers for schools around the country. Intensive courses can be arranged for tour guides and business owners as well.

Thai Teacher
POSTED | 7:12 AM | 24-06-2014

A great time in Samui

We are first-time visitors to Thailand. So far, we have had a great time in your country. Far from the political problems in Bangkok, we spent four days in Samui and had a great time there.

We are returning home with wonderful memories.
Chris & Helen (USA)
POSTED | 6:27 AM | 27-05-2014

A conspiracy

I saw the coup coming as soon as Gen Prayuth appeared on TV and declared he would be the mediator between caretaker PM Yingluck and Suthep Thaugsuban. It was a conspiracy right from the beginning, when Suthep kicked off his “long march” and was allowed to “occupy” Bangkok for more than six months.

What a shame.
Old Siamese Dog
POSTED | 6:25 AM | 27-05-2014

Coup a setback for Thailand

As a new foreign resident in Bangkok, I was appalled by the latest coup in Thailand. I use the word “latest” because I believe it will not be last military takeover in your country.

It is also very sad because Thailand will forever be under the control of the military and the power behind them.

A New Yorker
POSTED | 6:24 AM | 27-05-2014

Troublesome Thailand

Reading your articles about the progress and development in Myanmar, I feel sorry for Thailand, which was once considered the “rising star” of ASEAN.

The ongoing political conflict does not bode well for the Thai economy. Many of my foreign friends are puzzled by the political drama, which borders on madness.

Once considered a pariah state, Myanmar has made good progress on all fronts. Other ASEAN countries are also doing well. Without a lasting political settlement, Thailand may soon become the so-called “Sick Man of Asia.”
Thai Investor
POSTED | 12:42 PM | 21-04-2014


Overall looks clean and nice. Good to focus on AEC as no one has actually doing it as far as I know. I will follow in fb page as well. Love to read more about art & culture and travel & leisure as news in this region is not so colourful (to me).
Nonglak T.
POSTED | 6:15 AM | 10-04-2014

Stop the killing in southern Thailand

I am a Buddhist civil servant in Bangkok, and I support the idea of southern Thai-Malay Muslims having the right to their own beliefs, the same as we non-Muslim Thais have that same right.
However, I do not have sympathy for the high death toll of Muslims in the Middle East, simply because it is mostly Muslims killing Muslims. When Shiite Muslims strap on explosives to blow up Sunni Muslims, I don’t find the Western media wrong in condemning these acts.
I would urge all Muslim politicians to convince their fellow brethren to stop killing each other. Then maybe we can have peace among all peoples in this world.
A Thai Muslim in Bangkok
POSTED | 12:22 PM | 02-04-2014

Corruption as a way of life

Having lived in Thailand for the past 10 years, I can say that there is no will in the hearts and minds of Thai people to erase corruption from Thai society. They all accept it, and most try to exploit it when they can. This is a way of life in the so-called “Land of Smiles.”
I am married to a Thai woman and have been working with Thais for many years. I can say that the country needs a “cultural revolution.” But it will never happen because the problem is too deep-rooted and there is no will to change. This is sad, but it is true.
A Farang in Kalasin
POSTED | 12:21 PM | 02-04-2014
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