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Groundbreaking LGBTQ art show opens in Taiwan
An LGBTQ art exhibition has opened in Taiwan months after the island’s top court ruled..
POSTED |  09-09-2017
Chinese skinny dippers defy public morals on nudity
China has many indoor spas or hot springs where same-sex nudity is allowed, but nudism ...
POSTED |  05-06-2017
Yoga trend draws flock to New Hampshire farm
At Jenness Farm, yoga enthusiasts practice moves like the cat pose and bridge pose while goats climb...
POSTED |  20-05-2017
Hidden hearing loss
Scientists have been finding evidence that loud noise damages our hearing in a previously unsuspecting ...
POSTED |  19-03-2017
Rush for 98Barbie vagina has experts stumped
It was the 19th-most popular surgical procedure in 2015, followed by “vaginal rejuvenation.”
POSTED |  27-01-2017
Japanese companies take on insomnia
There’s a market in helping Japanese people doze off -- even during work breaks.
POSTED |  22-01-2017-- By Taro Matsushita --
So you want some Omega 3 s
Skip the salmon and eat these healthy fats instead, writes Heather McClees.
POSTED |  03-11-2016
Five cancers that can show no signs or symptoms
Some cancers fail to show any symptoms until they have grown or spread, or the symptoms that are shown may...
POSTED |  29-09-2016-- By Lauren Weiler --
What s your risk for Alzheimer s
A test that allows doctors to predict who is especially at risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease may be...
POSTED |  12-09-2016
Does Japan get enough sleep
Scientists confirm that sleep deprivation has a detrimental impact on physical and mental...
POSTED |  28-08-2016
Married sex 9 tips for keeping the spark alive
Not knowing your partner like the inside of your pocket is what will preserve the...
POSTED |  10-08-2016-- By Molly Guy --
Could cockroach milk be the next biggest superfood
Research is showing that milk from lactating cockroaches offers a high protein content and...
POSTED |  01-08-2016-- By Katie Medlock --
Three breathing exercises for better sleep
If you’ve grown weary from trying warm milk and counting sheep to speed up a restful night, perhaps trying breathing...
POSTED |  04-07-2016-- By Katie Medlok --
The rise of nudity Nothing to lose but your clothes
Lucy Clarke-Billings tells us why baring all is becoming the norm in certain places.
POSTED |  29-06-2016
Pornography for the blind
Pornhub’s special audio narration helps give users 'full enjoyment of the scene' despite not being able to see...
POSTED |  19-06-2016-- By Dana Dovey --
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
A record number of Chinese tourists visited Boston last year, dethroning the United Kingdom as the No.1 source of overseas tourists.