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Eating Out
Fine Italian food in Danang
POSTED | 6:21 AM | 08-10-2014

Fine Italian food in Danang

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Exuding the spirit of the Northern Italian landscapes and designed to authentically emulate the hillside architecture of a traditional trattoria, nestled in amongst the beautiful Furama Resort Danang hides Don Cipriani’s Italian Restaurant.

Don Cipriani’s is surprisingly authentic for an Italian restaurant that is set on a famous Vietnamese beach. The welcoming and grinning Head Chef, along with his team, busy themselves in front of their much prized and beautifully tiled wood fired pizza oven. The chef works under a constant tapestry of hanging salamis, cheese parcels and garlic braids.


Warm and natural materials are used and flawlessly designed for this deeply rustic and wooden open plan kitchen. In this show-style kitchen, shelves and compartments are scattered with in-house made and specialty Italian condiments. A terracotta floor, combined with the gentle lighting from sconces and down lights is generous at providing the true experience; the soothing familiarity of a home warmed with a bountiful, fresh from the oven, family meal, shared with that of an elegantly luxurious escape from the world outside.

And sitting in the generous dining area, finished with a pallet of rich fabrics and gentle colors, the billboard of views is incredible and unmistakable. The walls are to thank for this, as they are more glass than wall; enormous casement-style windows and roof drawing attention to the white sand and crystal waters of Danang Beach. The brilliance of this design; alfresco dining inside!

A vital aspect of beauty is its situation, and Don Cipriani’s at the Furama Resort Danang does have an extraordinarily dramatic and beautiful location, and at first glance, it’s this beauty that captures the attention, but the pure authenticity of personality in each feature is what captures the heart.

The warmth of hospitality that is Furama’s trademark and the wafting smells of fresh tossed and steaming pasta, exemplify the true understanding of the Italian custom of dining; something not to be taken lightly!

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Tel: 84-511-3847 333/888  Fax: 84-511-3847 666



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