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Eating Out
Delicious braised pork leg in Hat Yai
POSTED | 8:57 AM | 27-08-2014

Delicious braised pork leg in Hat Yai

-- By Songpol Kaopatumtip

Khao kha moo (braised pork leg with rice) is not only a favorite of the late Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej (who himself was a celebrity chef), it's also one of those ubiquitous dishes served by street vendors throughout Thailand.

There are many versions of braised pork leg -- Cantonese style, Hokkien style, Teochew style and many more. But in the southern Thai district of Hat Yai, almost everyone agrees that the Marathon Man’s style is one of the best.

                                                                        The Marathon Man

This oddly-named restaurant is run by a bachelor known by his nickname Marathon Man. The pork leg has the smooth skin, the layer of fat that melts in your mouth and the tender meat. And the broth is perfect.

Located within a walking distance from V.L. Hotel and Varoros Market, this shophouse eatery is popular among the locals. 

Be there early, because the pork leg will be gone before noon.

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