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More whale poop please 21
What you may not know, that scientists are now considering, is that whale poop can help save our acidifying oceans.
POSTED |  03-08-2014-- By Jordyn Cormier --
Bustling Betong back to normal
Life is back to normal in Betong on Monday (28 July 2014) – three days after the southernmost Thai town was rocked by a surprise car-bomb explosion last Friday evening.
POSTED |  28-07-2014-- By Jessada Siriyothai --
Myanmar must rethink its rice policy
I met a young rice farmer during my recent trip to Myanmar. He has a tiny plot of land on the outskirts of the irrigation system and could harvest only one rice crop a year.
POSTED |  20-06-2014-- By Sergiy Zory --
Celebrity power consumer behaviour
Celebrities are playing an ever greater role in modern culture and consumption patterns.
POSTED |  08-06-2014
Towards a greener environment
An interview with Ms Pongvipa Lohsomboon, Director of Carbon Business Office, Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization), or TGO, on efforts to establish a domestic voluntary carbon market, and implement Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction program (T-VER).
POSTED |  26-03-2014
Thai solar firm blazes trail in Japan
A Thai solar group has won a 4-billion-yen deal to build a 13-megawatt solar farm on Osaki-Kamashima island in Hiroshima. It has formed Setouchi Natural Power (SnP) with Japanese partners
POSTED |  26-03-2014-- By Cimi Suchontan --
An architectural wonder
One of the world’s largest free-standing buildings, this building is no temple or museum – it is the international airport at Kunming Changshui, China, opened in June 2012, a major design and engineering project for our global aviation business.
POSTED |  26-03-2014-- By Peter Budd --
Facebook 10 years after
Facebook turned 10 on February 4, 2014. Harvard Gazette staff writer Christina Pazzanese interviewed ...
POSTED |  26-03-2014-- By Christina Pazzanese, Harvard Staff --
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China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
China now the biggest source of foreign tourists to Boston
A record number of Chinese tourists visited Boston last year, dethroning the United Kingdom as the No.1 source of overseas tourists.