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POSTED | 11:07 AM | 06-03-2015

What a dollar can buy in Kyiv

Kyiv has always been cheap compared to Western capitals, but with the recent fall of the hryvnia, certain services got even cheaper -- that is, for those who get paid in foreign currency. The prices for many services don’t climb as fast as the currency falls, leaving a gap that one can benefit from, the Kyiv Post reported on Thursday (5 March 2015).

Kyiv restaurants have been hesitating to raise prices too much in order to keep customers. As a result, a dinner at a quality restaurant in the capital city can cost nearly as much as curry and rice in Southeast Asia.

For example, a baked chicken leg with mashed potatoes goes for 3 US dollars (Hr 75) in the Oliva chain. For a venue with fancy vibe, go to Under Wonder for $4-5 pasta. For extremely cheap yet satisfying lunch stop at Linass Cafe and have a falafel, kebab, or hummus for around $1.

Devaluation has made Kyiv bakeries an even more of a heaven for pastry lovers than they ever were. Plain croissants in the Wolkonsky bakeries are exactly one dollar, while the chocolate-filled ones are $1.6. And that is the upper price range.

In the famously ascetic bakery Yaroslava, a dollar can buy up to five patties or a couple of freshly-baked large cinnamon buns with heavenly smell. Compliment the bun with a less-than-a-dollar latte from one of the many coffee trucks.

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