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POSTED | 10:01 AM | 13-06-2014

UK blocking Juncker as new EC boss

Britain is leading a campaign, with Sweden and the Netherlands, to block the candidacy of Luxembourg's ex-prime minister, Jean-Claude Juncker for the new president of the European Commission.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has publicly backed Mr Juncker, who has been nominated for the position by party groups in Europe.

But British Prime Minister David Cameron is strongly opposed to Mr Juncker's belief in a closer political union between EU member states and has described Brussels as “too big” and “too bossy.”

And in a highly unusual move, Mr Cameron has decided to appeal directly to voters in other EU countries through a newspaper article, even though he admitted that for many Europeans, the World Cup is the issue that seems most interesting right now.

“Only a small minority will be following the debate about the presidency of European Commission,” he wrote. “But this is important because it goes to the heart of the way the EU takes decisions, the need to respect its rules, and the appropriate relationship between the nations of Europe and the EU institutions.”

In his opinion, the ideal candidate would be “someone who can deliver reform; driving growth and creating jobs; and accepting that Europe's needs may best be served by action at the national level -- an honest and trusted broker able to re-engage Europe's voters.”

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