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POSTED | 4:11 AM | 05-08-2014

Thieves outsmart Finnish police

The number of crimes against property solved by the Finnish Police has declined this year, with investigators solving no more than roughly every-tenth case in which the offender was not caught red-handed.

In particular, pickpockets, bicycle thieves and vandals have escaped the reach of the law, the Helsinki Police Department concedes.

According to the National Police Board, investigating crimes against property is no longer among the main priorities of the Finnish Police – partly due to the recent reform of the police administration, as a result of which the number of police departments decreased from 24 to 11 and the National Traffic Police was dissolved.

Instead, policy-makers have determined that investigating economic crime, combating organised crime and maintaining the quality of traffic surveillance operations regardless of the dissolution of the National Traffic Police must be given priority.

In addition, the Government has ruled that the police must be able to respond to emergencies without any undue delay.

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