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POSTED | 9:16 AM | 07-05-2014

Thai prime minister ousted

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was removed from office on Wednesday (May 7) after a six-month-long demonstration by political opponents with ties to the Establishment.

The Constitutional Court decision to remove Ms Yingluck did not come as a surprise to her supporters, who had called for a big rally in Bangkok on Saturday.

PM Yingluck was charged with abusing her authority by transferring a senior civil servant in 2011 to another position. The court ruled that the removal of Mr Thawil Pliensri as national security chief was carried out with a “hidden agenda” to benefit her politically powerful family and, therefore, violated the constitution. Ms Yingluck has denied the charge.

The court ruling was a victory for Ms Yingluck's opponents, who for the past six months have staged street protests demanding she step down to make way for an interim unelected leader.

Ms Yingluck’s ouster is the latest chapter in Thailand's long-running political crisis that began when her elder brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, was removed by a 2006 military coup.

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