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POSTED | 11:06 AM | 23-06-2015

Summer dog-meat festival goes on despite controversy

For many residents of Yulin, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the peak of summer is the perfect time to get together with family and friends — and consume copious amounts of dog meat.

Thousands of dogs are expected to end up on the chopping block during the city’s annual dog meat festival, which has become increasingly controversial in China.

China’s well-off citizens have started to fight what it sees as barbarous abuse of man’s best friend, the Shanghai Daily reported on Tuesday (23 June 2015).

On Monday, a group of about 25 animal rights activists briefly unfurled banners in front of the city government office, demanding an end to the festival, but they were quickly hustled away by unidentified men.

According to the paper, the city’s dog market has become a site for clashes of supporters and opponents of the trade. In the sweltering heat, tempers can often flare.

“There are all sorts of cultural norms about what you can eat,” shouted one dog meat supporter.

“You eat turkey, so why are you trying to force us to not eat dog meat?”

Despite the controversy, many Yulin residents vowed to continue eating dogs, said the paper.

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