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POSTED | 10:01 AM | 11-04-2015

Probe continues into car bomb at Thai resort island

Thai police are still seeking clues to a surprise car bomb that injured seven people at a shopping mall on the southern resort island of Samui on Friday night (10 April 2015), security officials said.

The blast was the first such incident since April 1, when the military government lifted martial law imposed 10 months ago. It’s unclear if the attack was politically motivated, related to business conflicts, or due to unrest in the three southernmost Thai provinces.

Thailand has experienced a series of violent incidents since the army took power in a coup in May 2014. A grenade was thrown at Bangkok’s criminal court in March this year, while two small bombs exploded outside a luxury mall in Bangkok’s main shopping district in February. Thirteen people were wounded in February when a car bomb exploded in the southern province of Narathiwat.

The perpetrators of Friday’s bombing may be involved with the unrest in southern provinces, police said. For the past decade, insurgents in the Muslim-majority area have staged regular bombings and shootings, resulting in thousands of deaths as they seek independence.

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