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POSTED | 9:39 AM | 27-11-2014

New Pakistan TV show lifts veil on sex taboos

Doctor Nadim Uddin Siddiqui fixes his gaze on a camera in the shiny new studios of Health TV in Karachi, and prepares to take the day’s first question.

“My husband doesn’t want to make love anymore, what should I do doctor?” a housewife asks over the phone.

In Pakistan, the Health TV show is trying to deal with the delicate subject of sex and embarrassing illnesses without angering conservatives.

Each Thursday “Clinic Online”, which began airing a year ago, takes dozens of calls on subjects ranging from loss of libido and erectile dysfunction to questions about sexually-transmitted diseases, micro-penises and nymphomania.

“Sex is a very difficult matter in Pakistan, here it is very difficult to talk in open forum, in media, in any seminar. So whenever you talk about sex you should be very careful,” Siddiqui told AFP after the show.

He attributes the programme’s success in part to highlighting issues around sexual diseases, which he says resonates even with the deeply religious, and takes pride in having avoided controversy — so far.

“I have never seen a single person who is having any objection (to) me. They appreciate me because... if it is a disease, you have to treat (it). You must try to propagate your knowledge,” he said.

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