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POSTED | 11:05 AM | 20-12-2014

Migrant workers leave Russia as ruble weakens

Migrant workers are leaving Russia on a massive scale because of the weakening Russian ruble. Another reason that makes them leave is the new law that requires them to pass a test for knowledge of the Russian language, for which they will have to pay, according to Mohammed Amin, president of the Federation of Migrants of Russia.

A quarter of all migrants are planning to leave Russia in early 2015 to look for work in other countries, Amin told Interfax on Friday (19 Dec 2014). He added that illegal migrants would fill the gap.

The leader of the Tajik diaspora in Russia, Karomat Sharipov, also admitted that many workers from Tajikistan intended to leave Russia in the near future.

According to him, many Tajiks took high-interest dollar loans at home. To repay them, they will have to look for work in other countries.

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