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POSTED | 9:55 AM | 09-12-2014

Laos to increase energy generation

Laos' Ministry of Energy and Mines has indicated that energy generation in 2014-15 will be larger than the previous year because additional power plants nearing the end of construction will start operations.

The ministry reported recently that power generation in 2014-15 will be at least 15,659.08 million kWh, according to The Vientiane Times.

New power generation will come from the recent completion of a small hydropower plant, the Nam Sana, which was officially inaugurated in November. The plant has an installed capacity of about 14 megawatts (MW) that will be able to generate about 49.5GWh of electricity annually.

Another power plant to complete this year is Nam Ngiep 3A that will have an installed capacity of 44MW to generate about 152.3GWh per year.

These two new plants will increase power generation in the country by 2.24 percent.

Seven more hydropower plants are expected to begin commercial operations in 2015. These plants will have a combined installed capacity of about 2,247MW. They are under the management of independent power producers (IPP) and Electricite du Laos (EDL).

These plants are the Hongsa Mine-Mouth Power Project, Nam Ngiep 2, Nam Beng, Nam Kong 2, Nam Khan 2, Houay Lamphannyai and Nam Hinboun.

The ministry predicts that this fiscal year electricity exports will be 11,793.68 million kWh, worth more than 4.28 trillion kip (US$535.27 million).

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