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POSTED | 12:32 PM | 24-03-2016

Kenyan man in ‘chopstick’ murder found sane

A Kenyan asylum seeker, who murdered a Korean employee at an Internet cafe in Gwangju earlier this month, has been found to be mentally sound, as police continue efforts to identify the motive behind his crime, The Korea Herald reported on Thursday (24 March 2016). 

According to the Gwangju District Prosecutors’ Office, a medical checkup has suggested that the 28-year-old man is not mentally ill. The checkup was done as prosecutors had faced difficulties in investigating the murder case due to his unusual behavior in a prison cell.

The man killed a 38-year-old man in the bathroom of an Internet cafe in Gwangju on March 9. Police found the victim with his mouth jammed with a spoon and chopstick. He died of heavy bleeding and a fracture to his neck. 

The Kenyan man then robbed a 22-year-old male customer, stealing his winter jacket and phone. 

The African admitted to the crime, but has remained silent as to the motive. 

The police sent the case to prosecutors on March 14, said The Herald. 

While in police custody, the man reportedly showed violent behavior, such as screaming, damaging goods in the prison cell and smashing glass windows at the police station. Police said he also took off all his clothes and danced. He once asked for a Bible, prayed then shouted “Satan,” according to police.

Frightened by his eccentric behavior, a Kenyan diplomat, who visited the police station to check on him, refused to interview the man.

The suspect arrived in Korea on a three-month visa to participate in an international work camp hosted by UNESCO last July. Before his visa expired in August, he applied for refugee status and has been working for a parcel delivery company in Gwangju. 

A day before he committed the crime, he allegedly asked for help at a local police station, saying he wants to return home. However, due to his status as an asylum seeker, the authorities could not deport him.

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