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POSTED | 10:14 AM | 04-11-2014

Jakarta public transportation 'not safe' for women

A survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in cooperation with online pollster YouGov says Jakarta has the fifth-most dangerous transportation system for women in the world. 

The Jakarta Transportation Agency has promised to evaluate the system, but says it is difficult to regulate public transportation outside the management of the Transjakarta bus service.

Agency head M. Akbar said over the weekend it was difficult for his agency to control the operations of Metro Mini and Kopaja minibuses or angkot (public minivans).

He said his agency would change the business plans of non-Transjakarta public transportation, so their safety and security standards would be the same as Transjakarta’s.

In the last few years, several gang rape cases have occurred in angkot.

The Transjakarta system is safer but is not necessarily without incident. Earlier this year, four Transjakarta employees were found guilty of harassing a female passenger after she fell unconscious due to an asthma attack.

The survey shows Jakarta has fallen behind other Southeast Asian capitals like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Manila.

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