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POSTED | 16:23 PM | 25-11-2017

India’s dengue vaccine breakthrough

Dengue continues to remain a serious concern across India as it results in hundreds of deaths every year in the country, mostly because there is no proper treatment or preventive medicines for the disease spread by mosquitoes.

But after many years India may have finally got a breakthrough. India could have a vaccine for the dreaded dengue as early as 2019, according to drug maker Panacea Biotec.

The pharma company has already been granted permission to conduct clinical tests, which it aims to begin in 2018, The India Times reported on Saturday (Nov 25, 2017).

“As dengue is a big challenge for India and a vaccine is direly required, we have given a go-ahead for trials for dengue vaccine by TDB and Panacea Biotec,” G.N. Singh, DCGI told the newspaper.

“We are facilitating the trials in a speedy manner. As a regulator, we are ensuring that the vaccine is effective and safe for the people,” he added.

The mosquito-borne disease affects the blood, resulting in a drop of platelets, causing deaths in many cases.

Panacea Biotec, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), US, has developed the advanced dengue vaccine with proven safety in preclinical studies.

Their single-dose shot vaccine has been found to stimulate a strong immune response against all four types of viruses in all age groups.

If successful, this will be a major achievement in combating the disease which has so far killed over 200 people in India this year alone. A total of 245 people died of dengue in 2016 and 220 the previous year.

Kerala which was the worst affected Indian state had recorded more than 19,000 cases this year, an all-time high. The previous was in 2013 with 8,000 cases.


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