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POSTED | 15:25 PM | 02-08-2016

Driver sparks fury for dragging dog to death

A driver in Weihai, east China’s Shandong Province, has sparked fury on Chinese social media for dragging a dog behind his car. The dog is believed to have died due to the incident, Qilu Evening News reported on Tuesday (August 2, 2016).

The man, surnamed Qi, was taken away by police officers for further investigation on August 1.

Video shared online showed Qi driving an SUV on the road with a dog dragged behind the car at around 10:50am.

When another driver forced Qi to stop his car, bloody limbs can be seen on dog’s body.

As the video went viral, some detailed personal information of Qi were released online around 1pm, including his home address, contact number, work unit and ID card number.

At around 2pm, a crowd of residents gathered nearby the community where Qi lives.

Qi was abused and beaten by people before police arrived at the scene. Four people involved in the altercation, as well as Qi, were taken to a police station.

A man who claimed to be Qi’s brother said on Wechat that the dog had rabies and had bitten some people that morning. Qi wanted to take the dog to another location. However, the dog would not get in the car, so Qi decided to drive slowly and drag it behind.

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