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POSTED | 9:27 AM | 23-04-2014

China role sought in Ukraine crisis

Visiting German Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has called on China to play a more active role in helping to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, including using its influence with Russia.

Talking to the media shortly before meeting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on April 22, Gabriel, leader of the Social Democrats and minister for the economy and energy in Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet, said he would address the subject of Ukraine in his talks.

“We will ask the Chinese to do justice to their increased international responsibility and to engage in (solving) conflicts, like the one we are experiencing at the moment in Europe between Ukraine and Russia,” said Gabriel.

A permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has adopted a cautious, low-key response to the crisis. It has not wanted to alienate key ally Russia or comment directly on the referendum in which Crimea voted overwhelmingly to join Russia, lest it set a precedent for its own restive regions, like Tibet.

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