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POSTED | 8:39 AM | 21-05-2014

Asian milk demand rising

Asia has emerged as a major player in global dairy production and consumption. Aggregate consumption gains in dairy products in Asia over the past decade have exceeded twice the annual global average.

“OECD-FAO outlook estimates that Asian milk demand will touch almost 320 million tonnes by 2020 and that means the region will need to increase milk availability by another 40 million tonnes during the next six years,” said Hiroyuki Konuma, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific.

The increased demand “provides a perfect opportunity for public and private investment in milk production and processing while at the same time contributing to household level food security and nutrition,” Konuma told delegates during the opening session of the 3-day meeting in Bangkok on Wednesday (May 21).

One of the key issues is meeting the increased demand in Asia, as two thirds of the world’s 842 million undernourished people live in this region.

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