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POSTED | 10:22 AM | 01-06-2014

Another mass rally against Thai coup

Hundreds of demonstrators shouting “Freedom!” and “Democracy!” gathered Sunday near a major shopping mall in downtown Bangkok to denounce the country's May 22 coup despite a lockdown by soldiers of some of the city's major intersections.

The country's new military rulers had deployed thousands of troops and police officers to several key locations across the capital to prevent a series of expected rallies from gelling.

But protesters showed up at a site that lacked any mass army presence — an elevated walking beside the Terminal 21 shopping mall, chanting and holding signs saying “No Coup.”

The mall's owners shut the nine-storey complex and ordered customers out as scores of police and helmeted soldiers with riot shields took positions nearby. Two army trucks, including a Humvee mounted with a machine-gun, parked on a street outside, but moved away after crowds booed them.

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