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POSTED | 12:10 PM | 10-02-2015

Afraid to go home, Ukrainians huddle in shelters


Thousands of people who fled to underground shelters in Donetsk are still there, waiting for a diplomatic solution that will allow them to resume a normal life in eastern Ukraine, currently the stronghold of the pro-Russian militias opposing the government in Kiev.

One of the shelters is located in the basement of the House of Culture, a place where humanitarian aid for neighborhood residents was distributed until recently.

In late January, intense shelling was resumed, preventing volunteers from distributing food and other basic necessities, according IANS/EFE.

Two days ago, a projectile just missed destroying the House of Culture, said Liubov Mikhailovna, who has been living permanently in the shelter since last August with her two children.

The thousands of Ukrainian children trapped in a dozen bomb shelters in Donetsk are suffering from enormous levels of stress and often severe cold and the lack of the most elemental facilities for hygiene, according to the UN Children’s Fund (Unicef).

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